Exploring Standard Ad Unit Sizes: Google AdSense 200×200 – Small Square

A 200x200 pixel square. Intended for display a...

Jumping right into the next square offering from Google Adsense, we have the 200×200 – Small Square. If you’re sidebar or content area is to small to accommodate the 250×250 – Square or the 300×250 – Medium Rectangle, your next option is the 200 x 200 – Small Square.  The 200 x 200 – Square is multifaceted and can be placed in many areas of your page. Additionally, with some testing as to placement and design, this ad unit can produce a respectable amount of  clicks. However, just like the 250×250 Ad Unit, the 200 x 200 has been relegated to the disapproved list by Microsoft Advertising, as well as the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), in favor of the 300×250 rectangle.

Google AdSense offers the 200×200 – Square ad unit for both text only and image/rich media ads. As with other ad types that allow both types, AdSense also offers a combination ad unit that will fill the space with either text ads or image and rich media ads. If you don’t really care what shows up in the ad space, you can opt for the combination option and the space will be filled with whatever Google thinks will convert better. However, if you are testing and planning your placement, you will probably have a specific preference and reason for placing one or the other in a specific area on your page. If this is the case, you shouldn’t use the combination offering, but use a specific type. Examples of both the text version, as well as the image/rich media version of the 200 x 200 ad unit can be seen below.

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