Setting Up a WordPress Development Environment with DesktopServer and GIT for WP Engine

DesktopServer Import

One of the challenges in using WordPress with an external hosting environment and multiple developers is the creation of a local development environment with version control that will work seamlessly. Fortunately, using a combination of DesktopServer … [Continue reading]

How Tag Management Will Supercharge Your Testing Program – Digital Velocity Conference 2014 #dv14

  Here is my summary of the tag management presentation by Naoshi Yamauchi at the Digital Velocity Tealium User Conference 2014, San Diego, CA Presenter: Naoshi Yamauchi, Chief Performance Officer, Brooks Bell @nyamauchi If you’re … [Continue reading]

Freshbooks finally has an Android App

freshbooks android app

I've been using Freshbooks (disclaimer: I get a commission if you sign up with them) since 2007 as my online accounting and invoicing service and in that time I've seen them change from a very basic online invoicing service to a full-service, … [Continue reading]

How to Use Chromecast with Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Extensions Webstore Chromecast

I was glad to see that my Chromecast device arrived today. After waiting a few weeks for them to be in stock, mine has finally arrived. I'll go into the details of what's included in the package and how to set it up in another post, but first I want … [Continue reading]

HTML5 Texas JavaScript Workshop – Client-Side Storage

HTML5TX JavaScript Workshop - Pamela Fox

Web technologies have taken a long time to progress. A lot of the standards we see today are because browsers decided to implement new features. HTML5 is now just supposed to be HTML. It is supposed to be a living standard. Pamela needs an … [Continue reading]