Last Day of Android Market 10-Cent Apps

Last Day of Android Market 10 Billion Download 10 Cent Sale

It has been a fun 10-day span of exploring and downloading Android Market apps. Some I had wanted to try and others I had never heard of before. One thing I learned during this week and a half was that I can actually try out apps any time, because the Android Market allows you to get a refund for apps within 15 minutes of ordering them. That’s really handy if you’re wanting to try an app and have the time to try it out.

In this post, I’ll list the apps that are available today and next week I’ll do a recap of the apps that were available during the 10 billion downloads sale and start reviewing the apps I’m using. Today’s apps are as follows:

I’d love to hear from you! What apps did you pick up over the last 10 days that were a really great deal? Which apps did you buy that weren’t even worth 10 cents?



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